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It would have to be someone familiar with the pond and someone who is around enough to know the water level was going down, Edie said. You’ve just described most of the people who live around here, Peter said. Who do you think the father of her baby was? Edie asked. Don’t know. Loretta Barrow hung out with quite a few different guys. She was even with Ian Wilkens for a while, Peter said. Do you think her pregnancy was why free apps download she was killed? Could that have been the motive? It’s one possibility. Someone may not have wanted to be tied down to Loretta or a baby, Peter said.


I wonder what will happen now free app downloads that the car and body have been discovered. I am hoping it means that you are no longer a free apps download galaxy target. The submerged car and what happened to Loretta Barrow are no longer a secret. That means that you no longer pose a threat to someone by accidently stumbling upon it. Hopefully you will be safe now, Peter said. Yes, I hope that is true. But, if we are right about all these things being connected, there is still a killer out there that has murdered three people and that person is someone who is probably still living in Brown’s Landing. Except for free apps download a couple of excursions to the grocery store and the café, Edie had been in the apartment for the last five days.

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Peter thought a free apps download change of scenery would do them both good. Look we have been hanging around in town for the better part of this week. The police are done collecting evidence from around the pond and you don’t pose a threat to anyone by accidently discovering that submerged car anymore. Why don’t we go out to the Victorian? We should check on the house anyway and make sure free apps download game android everything is alright. I wouldn’t mind looking at those woodworking tools you found in the shed. We could pack some sandwiches. What do you think? I’d like that. Thinking about mundane things like cleaning and fixing would actually be relaxing.


She really meant it. She wanted to think about free app downloads anything other than the events of the last few weeks. Peter took the sandwich makings from the free apps download ipod touch refrigerator and Edie began to assemble sandwiches. We should have some soft drinks in the fridge at the house, Edie said. Peter found a basket and she put the lunch she prepared into it. We are going to reward ourselves with a treat for dessert. I am going to introduce you to chocolate croissants from Bette Lynn’s Bake Shop.